"How can anyone who is able to enjoy the beauties of a Virgil, a Tasso, a Shakespeare, who can follow the logical conclusions of a Liebnitz and Kant--how can such a one find pleasure in the Old Testament, so deficient in form and taste, and in the senseless writings of the Talmud?"
-Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Join The Club

I don't support this site, I just thought the picture was very funny.
From: http://www.beataseal.com/

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Man Sues Himself

LODI, Calif. (March 15) - When a dump truck backed into Curtis Gokey's car, he decided to sue the city for damages. Only thing is, he was the one driving the dump truck.

But that minor detail didn't stop Gokey, a Lodi city employee, from filing a $3,600 claim for the December accident, even after admitting the crash was his fault.

After the city denied that claim because Gokey was, in essence, suing himself, he and his wife, Rhonda, decided to file a new claim under her name.

City Attorney Steve Schwabauer said this one also lacks merit because Rhonda Gokey can't sue her own husband.

"You can sue your spouse for divorce, but you can't sue your spouse for negligence," Schwabauer said. "They're a married couple under California law. They're one entity. It's damage to community property."

But Rhonda Gokey insisted she has "the right to sue the city because a city's vehicle damaged my private vehicle."

In fact, her claim, currently pending at Lodi City Hall, is for an even larger amount - $4,800.

"I'm not as nice as my husband is," she said.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Stone Me. I Can Think Of A Reason For It.

Not The Godol Hadors (click for post) post got me thinking. He said the Rambam held that if something happens to you- hey, that's life. NotTheGodolHador then points out that Chazal say to look at your midos if something bad happens. It would appear that one doesn't agree with the other. In my world, they do.

My take: Perhaps Chazal knew that if something happens to you: hey that's life. Our Sages wanted to use a mechanism to help people better themselves. By looking at yourself when something befalls you, you can analyze your actions. The cause doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that an occurrence happened and there is what to learn from it. It is very easy practice to think of reasons for bad occurrences related to your midos and what not.

Occurrence: I stubbed my toe.
Real reason for occurrence: I wasn't paying attention to were I was going.
Lesson to be learned: 1- I don't go to shul fast enough. 2- I don't go to as many shiurim as I should. 3- I kicked somebody. 4- (for my mystical readers)I dumped my toenails on the floor instead of burning them. 5- etc.etc.
The Point: I can think of a million reasons for stubbing my toe. The reasoning's I choose will be different then yours. I will choose my reasons based on, inside, what I feel I did wrong. It doesn't even matter if in the heavenly court I really did do something wrong!

I think chazal, in step with The Bam, agree that life is hashgacha klalis for the most part. They feel that you should use your daily occurrences as lessons to better yourself and the lighting that strikes people is just real bad luck.

May we all be strong enough to better ourselves so that The Creator will see our efforts and bring the Messiah.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Painting Gum

A boy stuck this:

on to this:
DETROIT (Reuters) - Painter Helen Frankenthaler's landmark abstract work "The Bay" just got a little more abstract -- to the dismay of Detroit museum officials.

A 12-year-old boy visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts with his school group on Friday stuck a wad of chewing gum on the painting, which is worth an estimated $1.5 million, the Detroit Free Press said.

The barely chewed Wrigley's Extra Polar Ice gum left a residue stain about the size of a quarter in the lower left-hand corner of the painting, the newspaper said.

The boy was suspended from Holly Academy, a Detroit-area charter school he attends, the newspaper reported.

Neither museum nor school officials could be immediately reached for comment.

The 1963 painting, which remains on display, is considered one of the most important modern works in the Detroit museum's collection, the newspaper said.

Museum curators expect to be able to remove the gum residue with a solvent once they have researched the chemicals contained in the gum, assistant contemporary art curator Becky Hart said.

"In the scheme of things, this is upsetting, and it will make us review our policies. But we're confident that the painting will be OK," Hart told the Free Press.
I side with the 12 year old boy. He is on a trip to a boring museum and needed to ditch his gum. Along comes a big painting that looks like a big wad of gum. Why not stick his gum to the painting of gum. Obviously the boy was completely ignorant to the value of the painting. Why in the WORLD was he suspended? If he put gum on the wall, would that warrant being suspended? He was being innocent. Grownups suck.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jewish Words

The word Yahrezeit was not used until the 16th century and is from the German word Jahrzeit which is a word used by the Christian Church for honoring the deceased. (from here)

Ahh, those yiddishe roots are so givaldik.

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